Saddle Library

Choosing the perfect saddle for your bicycle can be a very diffcult process. We're aiming to make it easy. All the details about the library can be found here.


Financing a purchase gives you the ability to spread out your purchase over as few - or as many - months as you need, giving you the ability to roll away on the bike of your dreams. We have partnered with a Canadian consumer financing company that offers low rates, easy app-based application (you can even submit the application from the comfort of your own home), and quick turn around on your credit application. Quick. Painless. Easy. Call the shop for more information.

Layaway Program

Do you have your sights set on a beautiful new bicycle that is just a little bit out of reach due to tight finances?  Why not consider using our Layaway Program.  It works like this - place a 25% (non-refundable) deposit on the bike, and then pay off the balance within 90 days and voila! - you have a brand new bicycle!  This is a great option to get yourself into a better equipped bicycle or perhaps allow your family to get the cargobike you have been dreaming of.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Gift Registry/Account

Buying the perfect bicycle can be really difficult, so instead of trying (and maybe failing) to pick the right bike for your friend of loved one, why not just setup an account and have everyone deposit money into the account? Super easy, painless, and that special person can pick out whatever bike their heart desires. Ask us for details.